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The SONEs’ guide to SMTOWN Singapore

SMTOWN Singapore is just in a few days’ time and we are sure SONEs in Singapore are all looking forward to seeing the girls! To make this SMTOWN concert a fun and exciting one for all SONEs,  we have came up with a guide for SONEs so that SONEs can enjoy ourselves. 

Firstly, do take a look of the Running Into The Sun’s official guide to the concert if you have not done so. Here’s the link to it: The guide contains all the information that you need to know for SMTOWN Singapore such as how to get to the concert venue as well as the Dos and Don’ts during the concert. 

By now, you should have a rough idea of how the concert is going to be like so we are going to move on to the fan events for the girls that have been planned by some fans. An SMTOWN Facebook fanpage has planned fan events for all the groups and they have planned a paper message for the girls. We are going to lift a paper that says “소녀시대 makes our wishes come true” when Tiffany says “DJ put it back on” during Genie. (See attached photo for the paper message) However, due to the lack of funds and resources, everyone is needed to print at least a copy of the paper message and bring it there. It would be good if you can print more so that you can give it to the people around you on that day.  Do take note that this fan event is not organised nor planned by SNSDwave. Direct all questions to :) A second fan event is also being organised and planned whereby everyone will hold up a paper that says ”SMTOWN, 싱가폴에 와줘서 감사합니다!” which means “SMTOWN, Thank you for coming to Singapore!” in English during the ending song “Hope”. This fan event is also not organised nor planned by SNSDwave. Direct all questions to

Lightsticks. Running Into The Sun is not selling any pink lightsticks so you might want to go down to Comics Connection to get a pink lightstick. For those who went for the girls’ solo concert last year, you can also use the lightsticks you bought at the concert! Just make sure it is still working! ^^

Attire wise, we encourage SONEs to wear a pink shirt so that we can recognise each other. You can wear the Soshified tee or any pink shirt will do. Some have also ordered the Soshified SMTOWN Singapore shirt. Do remember to collect them! You can also wear the concert tee that some might have bought last year at the girls’ solo concert. 

Let the girls hear our “GG!” or our “Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyuh Shi Dae, Yeongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae” loudly and clearly! So master the fanchants well! The links for the fanchants of some songs are provided below:



Run Devil Run:

The Boys:

Now that you all know about the fan events and fanchants, with your pink shirt and lightstick, you should be ready for the concert! Do enjoy the concert and most importantly, remember to bring ponchos/raincoats! You do not want to get wet during the concert! Do spread this around by retweeting or reblogging! ^^


SONEの皆様は、私たちの少女たちに多数の投票する権利を持っています。 ぜひ一緒に投票をしてください










いくつかのカテゴリーで少し遅れをとっているので、私たちはSONEの皆様が投票をすることを望みます私たちはあらゆるSONEの皆様の協力を必要としています!ですので、出来る限り、この文を拡散RT・リブログしていただきたく思います。SONEの皆様はここ数年、奇跡を起こしています。SONEならまた奇跡を起こすことが出来ると確信しています!これは私たちができる最も小さな事かもしれませんが、少女たちが賞を受賞することができるように、協力してください ! SONEファイティン!少女時代ファイティン!



Akan ada latihan pemungutan suara untuk Girls Generation untuk “Mnet 20’s Choice” di mana semua SONEs mencoba untuk memilih bersama. Girls Generation kalah dalam pemungutan suara untuk sebagian kategori dan ini menghambat ketika orang memilih sendiri tetapi akan lebih menyenangkan dan memuaskan saat kita melakukannya bersama. Di bawah adalah detail tentang Latihan Pemungutan Suara:

Tanggal: Kamis, 21 Juni 2012 

Waktu: 21:00 (KST) - 22:00 (KST)

*Ini adalah waktu terbaik untuk semua SONEs di seluruh dunia untuk ikut serta. Beberapa SONEs terutama SONEs America mungkin merasa tidak nyaman dan kami mohon maaf untuk itu. Kami berharap anda masih bisa ikut serta dalam Latihan Pemungutan Suara ini. 


Log in melalui akun Facebook atau Twitter. Jika anda memiliki akun Mnet, anda bisa log in memakai itu juga.

Girls Generation dinominasikan untuk penghargaan berikut:

Kategori Ke-2: 20’s Drama Star (Female)- Yoona

Kategori Ke-5: 20’s Trendy Music- Taetiseo

Kategori Ke-12: 20’s Style- Sooyoung

Kategori Ke-13: 20’s Global Star- Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation tertinggal untuk beberapa kategori jadi kita berharap setiap SONE dapat berpartisipasi. Kami memerlukan bantuan dari setiap SONE untuk membuat latihan ini sukses! Jadi tolong menyebar ini dengan cara Retweeting, Reblogging dan metode apapun supaya banyak SONEs akan mewaspadai hal ini. SONEs telah melakukan keajaiban beberapa tahun lalu jadi saya yakin kita bisa melakukannya lagi! Ini adalah sedikit yang bisa kita lakukan jadi mari kita mendukung Girls Generation sehingga mereka dapat memenangkan penghargaan! SONEs fighting, SNSD fighting!



SONEs will be having a Mass Voting Exercise for our girls for Mnet 20’s Choice in which all SONEs attempt to vote together. Our girls are losing out on votes for some categories and it is discouraging when people vote by themselves but it will definitely be more fun and fulfilling when we do it together. Details of this Mass Voting Exercise are as of below:

Date: Thursday, 21 June 2012  

Time: 2100 (KST) to 2200 (KST)

*This is the best timing for all SONEs worldwide to take part. Some SONEs especially American SONEs may find it inconvenient and we apologize for that. We do hope you can still take part in this Mass Voting Exercise. 


Log in via your Facebook or Twitter account. If you have an Mnet account, you can log in using that too.

The girls are nominated for the following awards:

Category 2: 20’s Drama Star (Female)- Yoona

Category 5: 20’s Trendy Music- Taetiseo

Category 12: 20’s Style- Sooyoung

Category 13: 20’s Global Star- Girls’ Generation

The girls are lagging behind for some categories so we do hope every SONE can take part in this. We need the help of every single SONE to make this exercise successful! So please spread it around by Retweeting, Reblogging and any method so that as many SONEs as possible will be aware of this. SONEs have been doing miracles for the past few years so I am sure we can do it again! This is the least that we can do so let’s support the girls so that they can win the awards! SONEs fighting, SNSD fighting!

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