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Singapore SONEs, do vote for our girls for the MAMA Singapore Choice Award SMS Voting where only Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are allowed to vote. The voting period is from 14 November 2011 to 27 November 2011. Follow the following steps to vote for our girls:
1. Include these in your SMS.

Type in: < IB or 8K >< Group Number >< NRIC >< Name >< Gender >< Email >
in your SMS and send it to 73388.

*Girls’ Generation is number 7

2. So an example of the SMS would be:

IB 7 S1234567A Kim Taeyeon F

 8K 7 S1234567A Kim Taeyeon F

*The difference between the two is only the first part. Just choose to put EITHER IB OR 8K. DON’T PUT BOTH.

 Do take note of the following: 
- Every SMS costs SGD$0.30, which would be charged to your bill.
- You can vote as many times as you want.
- Only Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents are allowed to take part.
- Singtel, M1, Starhub prepaid card users are able to take part as well.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to mention me! We need the full cooperation of all SG SONEs so that our girls can win this! For other SONEs, you can help us by spreading this around so that more people are aware of this. Let’s work together so that our girls can receive recognition for the hard work they have put in! Fighting!

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